Who We Are

F.A.C.E. Race was founded by two PhDs in counseling psychology who are devoted to fostering anti-racist workplaces and communities. 


F.A.C.E. Race Consulting LLC was founded in 2020 in response to the high demand for anti-racist trainings in the workplace after the unjust murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor. Independently the founders of F.A.C.E. Race have been working for over five years to address issues of race, racism, marginalization, and white supremacy in the workplace. 


Our skills and training in de-escalation, communication, emotion regulation, empathy building, and action mean that we are best suited to do the necessary and challenging task of helping organizations foster anti-racism. Our approach focuses on working with groups of individuals to do deep self-reflection, acknowledge ways in which everyone is complicit in perpetuating systemic racism, address harm done to Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, and co-create practices that foster a healthier and more productive work environment. 


We have worked with students, faculty, staff and mental health clinicians within university counseling centers, corporations, community mental health facilities, state mental health facilities, and medical programs. We are equipped to work in a variety of settings and with a wide array of professions. We provide a multitude of consultation services and are willing to partner with your organization to meet your unique needs. 


F.A.C.E. Race is an acronym for Fostering Anti-Racism Conversations on Equity and Race. Partner with us to FACE Race in your workplace or community. We offer leadership coaching, workshops, trainings, structured dialogues, and race-based first-aid. For more information, please see Services

Christina Marie Douyon, PhD


Dr. Christina Douyon earned her PhD in counseling psychology from Boston College where she was trained at the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture under Dr. Janet Helms. She specializes in the intersection of race and ethnicity as well as racial trauma. Prior to pursuing a career in psychology, Dr. Douyon taught sixth grade reading in New Orleans, LA through Teach For America. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and making natural hair products. 

Amanda Weber, PhD


Dr. Amanda Weber earned their PhD in counseling psychology from Boston College where they were trained at the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture under Dr. Janet Helms. They specialize in the intersections of race and gender and deconstructing Whiteness and White Supremacy. Dr. Weber is currently working at the Boston VA Hospital completing their post-doctorate fellowship. Previous to pursuing their degree in Psychology, they worked in the field of Information Technology for a medium-sized business as a manager where they developed their skills in leadership, managing teams, developing team culture and accountability, and developing continuous learning plans. In their spare time, they can be found making furniture or biking.


Boston, MA

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Please email us at info@FaceRace.org 



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