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Working toward an anti-racist workplace

Structured Dialogues

Structured Dialogues are a series of facilitated small group conversations that use a racial identity framework to help individuals, and by consequence workplaces, develop anti-racist thoughts and actions.

FACE Race accomplishes this by using content derived from books, articles, and other media to facilitate conversations that promote internal reflection and critical analysis of societal inequity. The process of the structured dialogues supports individuals to engage in difficult cross-racial and race-based conversations that help those involved develop authentic relationships that center trust and psychological safety by promoting individual and system-wide anti-racist thoughts and actions. We believe that structured dialogues are a powerful tool for individuals and companies to engage in sustainable anti-racist change.

Structured Dialogues are now also being offered for individual sign-up. Learn more here


Workshops are experiential and interactive presentations that increase knowledge about a particular topic area through role-plays, fish bowls, and/or other relevant activities.

F.A.C.E. Race offers engaging, intensive, reflective, and action-oriented workshops such as:

  • anti-racism
  • cross-racial dialogues
  • racial identity model
  • microaggressions
  • White guilt/fragility
  • racial trauma and healing
  • intersectionality
  • decolonizing organizational policies 
  • anti-racist communication framework


Trainings are informational didactic presentations that provide a foundational understanding of a variety of race-based topics. The purpose of these trainings is to serve as an entry point for dialogue and action.  

F.A.C.E. Race offers educational and informational trainings such as:

  • racism 101
  • foundations of White supremacy
  • allyship
  • intersectionality
  • racial identity theory
  • White savior and organizational policies
  • building a racial trauma toolkit
  • microaggressions

Interpersonal Leadership Coaching

F.A.C.E. Race offers individual, partnership, and group (e.g. C-suite, executive boards, etc.) Interpersonal Leadership Coaching for organizational leaders. F.A.C.E. Race believes that attitude reflects leadership and that by working with organizational leaders on becoming empathic, intersectionally-minded, anti-racist individuals the entire organization can benefit. The goal of Interpersonal Leadership Coaching is to promote personal change that promotes institutional and organizational growth.

Interpersonal Leadership Coaching is also ideal for organizations that are experiencing challenges around culture, retention, and/or significant change (e.g. change in leadership, mergers, acquisitions, or a shift in company values). Coaching involves an assessment of the challenges experienced by all relevant parties, restorative conversations, fostering of interpersonal skills, and co-creation of future goals and implementation plans. 

Race-based First Aid

F.A.C.E. Race offers triage in times of crisis for organizations that have recently or historically experienced race-based incidents. Our model includes evaluation of distress, team de-escalation, treatment of racial trauma, restorative conversations, addressing transgression(s), and establishing a plan of action for change and future conversations. 

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